MEET DR. John Brouse, D.C.


Welcome, my name is Dr. John Brouse and it is my pleasure to tell you a little about myself and who we are.

I  can honestly say that I have a wonderful TEAM to work with and without  them we wouldn't be able to see the "miracles" that we do.  

We  strive to truly provide the best healthcare experience by creating the  most sensitive and caring environment possible so you feel like part of  our family.  We also consider Brouse Chiropractic and Nutrition to be an  education center to inform you about your health and how your body works  so that you will be able to enhance your life and your families.

I truly care about every patient that seeks help, even the ones that challenge me to love them.  I wake up each day to serve God, my family and humanity. 


I graduated from West Virginia State  University in 1999 and during my undergrad I played baseball all four  years. Incidentally, in 1999 our team came in third in the nation in  Division II Baseball.  In 2003, I graduated from Palmer College of  Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa. I worked alongside my brother, Tom, in  Altoona at Brouse Wellness Chiropractic for 3 years. With help from my  brother, I founded Brouse Family Chiropractic in September 2006 and we have become one of the most elite offices in the country right here in  Ebensburg, PA. 

          My true transformation has been the education that I studied and learned  after school.  I have trained with the most elite chiropractors in the country who specialize in making a huge impact in their community with  their communication and corrective approach.  We have followed in their  footsteps and focus on corrective chiropractic which we have found leads  to amazing results in not just feeling better, but also on x-rays.   I  have been certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics which is one of the most  researched techniques on the planet.  

    I hear so many times from patients that have started care that they  wish they would have come in earlier or wished someone would have  explained how corrective chiropractic can impact their health.  I absolutely love watching a patient get their quality of life back and be able to play with their kids or grandkids again.

        My promise  to you is that we will do everything we can to change your life and your family's life.  We have a great team here and have the latest in technology to figure exactly how to help you reach your health goals.

Looking forward to impacting your life,

 Dr. John