Wellness Care in Ebensburg

Wellness Care just makes sense.

Wellness Care is an important aspect of health and well being.  After completing initial intensive care to alleviate symptoms and restore the nervous system to function normal again many patients will choose wellness care so that they can overcome new stressors of life and they certainly don't want any of their old symptoms creeping back up on them again.  We have many patients that come in once a week, every other week and some once a month to insure that their spine is free of subluxation to allow their nervous system to function optimally.  

       Most of our patients report that they are happier, have better health, less stress, less medication use, more energy and enjoy life a lot better.  

Who is Wellness Care for?

We have many affordable plans for entire families, with significant other discounts and children discounts.  Our youngest patient that we have adjusted was 4 pounds 10 ounces and our oldest was 96 years old.  We many gentle ways not just to adjust you, but to also keep you well.   

We have also had some patients come and want to start Wellness Care that don't have any symptoms, but just want to be healthy and stay healthy.

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