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Weight Loss in Ebensburg

Weight Loss with our Clinical Nutritionist

Let's face it.  You have a ton of different options out there when it comes to weight loss from anything to prepacked food to starvation diets.  How do you know which one is the right one for you?  This is where we shine! We have tried and coached every possible program out there, which makes us the experts.  This is why our program is so successful. 

Each diet needs to be customized because each individual is different!  And this may be hard to believe but losing the weight can be easy, it's keeping the weight off that can be a challenge. We offer customized eating plans along with specific scientific weight management plans.    

What are most other diets out there missing?
       Accountability and Motivation - so it's a good thing we offer both!  Finding the right motivation and being held accountable are crucial for any successful eating plan!  If you are ready to not only lose weight but transform your life, give us a call or schedule online for a consult today!

Our plans include:

*6 Weeks of Consults Specific to your Needs

*Eating real food

*Personalized Eating Plan

*Detoxification if Needed

*Personalized Supplement Recommendations

*ZYTO Nutritional Scan


*Goal Setting   
*Maintenance Plan

*Great Results!

Basic Plans start as low as $399!